About honey

Nectar is the liquid consisting of water, sugar and other materials and flowers produce this in order to attract the pollinators. Honey bees are pollinators and use the nectar to produce honey. Consequently the type of flower on which the bee will collect nectar from defines the type of honey that will be produce.

Honey bees produce honey mainly by the liquids of the flowers (nectar) but this is not always the case. Hone can also be produced from honey-dew. This is often deposited on leaves and plant stems. Honeydew honey is usually very dark and strong in taste. Today honey is considered as highly nutritious food.

The composition of honey depends mainly on the variety of flowers which have been visited by the bees.  Darker honeys that come usually from honeydew they are richer in minerals than the lighter honey varieties.

The colour of honey can range from clear as water to very dark almost black. The flavour and the aroma are interlinked and very much dependent from the plants the bee traveled to.