Beekeeping is considered to be the second oldest occupation on the Globe. Bee  societies have been found to operate more than 100 million years ago and bees are considered to be the most important insects ever. They are very social and they live in a very well organized society with respect  to each other and cannot live alone. The bee societies have developed mechanisms and structures that help them perform as an ideal society.

Apart from their characteristic to perform as a model society their property to perform as pollinators makes them of unique importance for the nature and the living beings. The bee pollinator is responsible for more than the third of the food we eat daily. Bee is considered the most important insect on the Globe and this is not only for the nutritious honey it produces but for its contribution to the agriculture and nutrition in general.

Thus beekeeping both as a hobby and commercial activity they are of very high importance especially today. Not only to keep producing nutritious honey but also to help nature recover.