Meli Lakmos is a family business that her story begins back in 1950. The small by that time bee keeping business was initiated and run by our grandfather, Vasileios Leventis at the village of  his origin, Chaliki. This is a small village on the Greek mountains close to the peak Lakmos, where the name of our business comes from.

Our grandfather with love and patience worked for years next to the bees and taught the discipline of bee keeping to his son Stergios. Stergios dedicated his life to the bees and took well care of them. The last 30 years along with his wife Paraskevi they evolved the business that today is run by their  kids Vasilis and Julia but mainly their son. History proves that love for the bees  patience and loyalty are the skills one needs to keep such business alive and these we have definitely inherited.

Initially, the apiary was located on the mountain planes close to Chaliki and only during the winter time was moved to the lower altitudes. Today, the situation is very much different. The family owns an apiary that counts about 1000 colonies and is professionally run to assure not only quantity but quality of the delivered bee products. Through the year and depending on the season and the pollen availability the colonies move from the Greek mountains to the islands and backwards. Our bees visit more than 5 different landscapes during the year and so we manage to produce a rich in nutrition and aroma variety of greek honey.